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SO Rent and SO Carsharing

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List of features

Fleet overview

Fleet import and export

Fleet planning and procurement

Managing the operation of vehicles in the fleet and their removal from service

Viewing and editing vehicle details

Adding and editing telemetry devices

Adding, editing, viewing and managing short- and long-term reservations

Selling vehicles to used car dealers

Keeping vehicle records

Keeping information about vehicles makes, models and configuration

Dynamic pricing of rental, accessories and services

Database with accessory types and items

Automatic generation of vehicle reservation and service orders

Insurance policy management: viewing, editing and adding claims

Managing vehicle servicing: ordering and monitoring

Invoicing: issuing VAT and pro forma invoices, invoice viewing and editing, issuing revised invoices, issuing duplicate invoices, payments, delivery to the customer, downloading PDF files

Viewing payments

User and payment management

Adding agreements with customers

Adding, viewing and editing business partners

System alert management

Remote vehicle delivery and collection

Remote orders

Filling out the rental/return form and damage report

Signing documents on the device

Viewing the history of completed orders

Entering costs related to the order

Remote editing of customer details

Car rental by the minute

Using regular/hybrid/electric cars

Internal corporate carsharing feature

Payment by private or company payment card

Generating vehicle mileage records

Suitable for integration with Connected Cars

Monitoring current vehicle location

Monitoring compliance with traffic regulations

Monitoring the driver's driving style: economical/regular/aggressive

Recording sudden braking

Recording aggressive acceleration

Recording aggressive turning

Creating a history of the driver's driving style broken down into days of the week or times of dayn

Displaying information about the nearest preferred filling station if the fuel light comes on

Warning the driver about severe weather phenomena affecting driving safety

Informing the driver about the time and place of the next vehicle inspection

Informing the driver about the time and place of tyre change

Generating a vehicle mileage log used for tax settlement purposes where 100% of VAT is deducted

Providing information about the location of other vehicle users of a fleet belonging to a single company

Publishing information about the destination and number of free seats for corporate carsharing