SO Rent

Is a car rental management system. It can be used for fleet planning, vehicle service management or dynamic pricing (among others). Its algorithms help in making the most of every available vehicle. So Rent can be connected to a mobile application to handle remote delivery and collection of cars in the field. The system is customised to your brand, and the only cost is a monthly fee for each vehicle.

See the features of the SO Rent application


Using regular / hybrid / electric cars


Fleet planning and procurement


Fleet import and export


Managing the operation of vehicles in the fleet and their removal from service


Viewing and editing vehicle details


Adding and editing telemetry devices


Adding, editing, viewing and managing short- and long-term reservations


Selling vehicles to used car dealers


Keeping information about vehicles makes, models and configuration


Keeping vehicle records


Dynamic pricing of rental, accessories and services


Database with accessory types and items


Automatic generation of vehicle reservation and service orders


Insurance policy management: viewing, editing and adding claims


Managing vehicle servicing: ordering and monitoring


Invoicing: issuing VAT and pro forma invoices, invoice viewing and editing, issuing revised invoices, issuing duplicate invoices, payments, delivery to the customer, downloading PDF files


Viewing payments


User and payment management


Adding agreements with customers


Adding, viewing and editing business partners


System alert management


Remote vehicle delivery and collection


Remote orders


WFilling out the rental / return form and damage report


Signing documents on the device


Viewing the history of completed orders


Entering costs related to the order


Fleet overview


Remote editing of customer details

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