SO Rent

Is a car rental management system. It can be used for fleet planning, vehicle service management or dynamic pricing (among others). Its algorithms help in making the most of every available vehicle. So Rent can be connected to a mobile application to handle remote delivery and collection of cars in the field. The system is customised to your brand, and the only cost is a monthly fee for each vehicle.

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SO Carsharing

Is a system for by-the-minute rental of regular/hybrid/electrical vehicles. It can be used to set up internal corporate carsharing, with billing broken down into corporate rental and private rental and generation of vehicle mileage records. The system consists of a mobile application and a control panel. It can be used with Connected Cars. SO Carsharing can be customised to your brand, and its cost will be based on a monthly subscription for each vehicle covered by the service.

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Bundle SO Rent and SO Carsharing

By combining the two products, you will be able to use all of their functions at a reasonable price.

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