is a modern car rental management system. It was developed based on several years of cooperation with car rental companies and an in-depth analysis of the rent-a-car business activities. It concentrates on optimisation of all rental processes and simplification of work for persons who handle rentals.

Business process automation and efficient operations control reduce costs, the algorithms applied increase fleet efficiency, and reliable integrations streamline sales.


  • Increased number of bookings and their better handling through integration with insurance brokers and business customers.
  • Simplified operations with automatic invoicing and full payments handling.
  • Flexible pricing to be able to compete effectively, increase margins and easy offer preparation.
  • Increased sales through ongoing control and a measurable motivation of staff.


  • Dramatically increased staff productivity thanks to the automation of entire business processes rather than individual, isolated issues.
  • More efficient financial planning and performance control.
  • Elimination of abuse by constantly monitoring the tasks performed.
  • Simplified infrastructure and ICT support for the company.
  • Reduced office expenses by replacing paper documents with electronic files.
  • Automatic notification system to remind customers of approaching payment deadlines and overdue payments.
  • Generation of debt customer statements for external law firms and debt collection firms.


  • Optimisation of the number, structure and procedures of fleet relocations with advanced algorithms.
  • Precise control of your runs and the ability to monitor the location and driving style.
  • Assisted vehicle purchase planning and on-time withdrawal.
  • Assisted maintenance and service.
  • Comprehensive handling of damage, including insurance.


  • Increased efficiency and speed of operations performed with the customer.
  • Ability to hand over and take over cars in the field (outside the branch) using the app on the tablet.
  • Ability to plan bookings and availability of staff to ensure smooth service.
  • Clear, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing web forms.
  • Better motivation for employees to operate at the highest level.
  • Customer surveys.
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to streamlined fleet control.

SoRent improves your business competitiveness and creates new business opportunities.