System SoRent

is a modern car rental management system. Built on the basis of advanced information technologies, it allows us to adjust it to the individual needs of our customers. 

Automation of business processes and effective control of operations reduces costs, applied algorithms increase the efficiency of the fleet, and reliable integrations accelerate sales and operations.


  • Automatic invoicing. 
  • Increasing the speed and ease of booking by integrating external systems, evaluation of the possibilities and ergonomics of the System. 
  • Obtaining better sales parameters thanks to control and motivation of the staff. 
  • Flexible price lists for effective competition. 
  • Easiness of offering.


  • Reduce employment through automation of entire processes
  • Eliminate fraud by carefully checking the performance of tasks, time and place of work. 
  • Introducing electronic documents instead of paper. 
  • Simplification of infrastructure and ICT services for the company. 
  • Financial planning and control.


  • Accurate mileage control and ability to monitor location and driving style.
  • Planning of purchases and maintenance activities and timely withdrawal of vehicles.
  • Full fault handling including insurance.
  • Algorithms optimizing the number, structure and relocation of the fleet.
  • Ergonomic graphical diagrams and reports


  • Faster operations with the customer 
  • The ability to schedule a smooth service
  • Clear, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing web forms.
  • Better employee motivation for better service
  • Possibility to survey customers
  • Greater control over the state of your fleet
Information processing is becoming a critical success factor for our customers, which is why SoRent increases the competitiveness of your business and creates new business opportunities.